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What can we do to improve the world that the next generation will inherit?

Adam from Surmountable
Feb 10, 2024
2 min read
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Once you have children, or contemplate having kids, or even hold someone else's baby for the first time, you start to think about their future. Will they go to a good school? Will they be healthy? Will they be happy?

There is no shortage of parenting advice to ensure we raise the best individuals we can, but what about the world they will inherit?

Their prospects of a good education will mean little if it incurs so much debt to force students into bankruptcy. Their good health will be short-lived if there is not enough clean water to drink or clean air to breathe. Their pursuit of happiness will be impossible if they continually fear for their lives from the gun violence epidemic or rising threats of nuclear war or increasingly hazardous natural disasters.

Let's ensure a better world for kids today and generations to come.

Don't let your own anxiety stop you from having children or paralyze you by worrying about their hopes and dreams. Our ancestors overcame challenges in a world filled with unknowns that we can scarcely comprehend. They would be equally daunted by the sheer number and complexity of interconnected problems we face today – but they would not give up, and neither should we.

Almost every difficulty within society has at least one organization attempting to change the status quo for the better. Unfortunately, they are hard to find among our nonstop news and social media deluge. They are also troubled to build momentum because there is often little national organization. Once they get big enough, scope creep from well-meaning donors cause leaders to stray from their original objectives and obscure the social ROI from their contributions.

Modern dilemmas require modern solutions. While 99% of nonprofits provide services to help people today, Surmountable has researched the tiny few that focus on how to leave behind a better world than we inherited.

Never forget that previous generations achieved progress in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. If you need some inspiration, we wrote the book on it.

Surmountable by Brian Gruber, Adam Monier Edwards
How Citizens from Selma to Seoul Changed the World

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