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Adam from Surmountable
Jan 26, 2024
2 min read
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Sometimes changing the world starts with doing right by yourself.

America leads the way in charity since helping others has been always part of our national ethos. Yet many of us have our own struggles that challenge our ability to give back. More than two thirds of Americans have donated at some point in their lifetimes; only half did so in the past year. Making a difference has become even harder for those who want a better future.

Surmountable makes it easy to find the help you need on 100 issues that affect us and those we care about by providing links to:

  • Educational resources
  • Access to support groups
  • Financial aid information
  • Legal assistance networks
  • Grant applications

Why is it so hard for many to give back?

We've written a whole series on our shared challenges that are often unspoken but affect all of us.

Financially, the average American family is $150K in debt, yet has a household income of only half that – hardly a recipe for financial security let alone philanthropy. Over 60% of parents do not have any formal child care arrangements, which often costs at least $10,000 per year. Almost 15% of Americans spend a quarter of their income to provide unpaid care for another adult, usually a parent or older relative, in lieu of a nursing home that averages $100,000 annually.

It's no wonder that nearly 40% of adults employed full-time end up working 50 hours or more per week. Americans work more than almost any other developed nation per year with fewer holidays. We also are more efficient by creating more GDP per hour than any country except Switzerland, but we do not realize those benefits since consumers' purchasing power has barely changed in generations. Basically, we are working harder just to tread water.

While most of us have to work to live, how can we still find the time or money to give back to a cause we care about that is bigger than ourselves?

You can join the majority of adults who would prefer donations in their name instead of a gift. Tell your friends and family to support something you believe in.

There is no shame in seeking help, either – especially when something beyond your immediate control affects your livelihood. For instance, one in six Americans lives within three miles of a toxic waste site that reduces their water quality. Others are close to factory farms that have been found to be hazardous to residents' health. These are concerns for entire communities that require coalitions to ensure accountability.

Every Surmountable issue includes ways that we can get support for ourselves or those we care about. And if you happen to have either time or money but not both, Surmountable equips you with ways to give back using one or the other.

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