Issue 50 • Week of December 25, 2022

As we round out our first year of Surmountable issues, let's recognize together that our most consequential challenge to overcome is a very personal one. All progress ultimately depends on individual commitments. Your country, your company, and yourself will never be perfect. There is always more that can be done: another wrong to right, another sale to make, another skill to master.

To escape the rat race, some people argue that forgetting goals is the key to happiness or success (though your boss may disagree). Others say the day we stop setting goals is the day we grow old. Whichever you believe, it is easy to fall prey to anxiety when you feel responsible for things beyond your control or decline into pessimism or cynicism if you find yourself unable to change a particular situation.

The reality is that the promises that we make to ourselves every year rarely end in success since only 9% of Americans who make New Year's Resolutions follow through on them. That brings us to a critical question:

How can we stay true to ourselves and those who rely on us?

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