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Surmountable, PBC was founded in 2021 by CEO Adam Monier Edwards as a public benefit corporation to apply some of the historical lessons learned from the Surmountable book toward issues that citizens face today and how they can best make a difference to change the world for future generations. We categorize each topic under ESG because it has become an acronym popular with investors, but we believe anyone can make a difference toward these initiatives if given the right information.

Surmountable is the definitive resource to summarize society's most difficult challenges, identify possible goals that would remedy those problems, and provide a spectrum of solutions to which anyone can contribute. New topics are posted every week in our free newsletter.

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Surmountable, PBC
4470 21st Street #5004
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As part of our commitment as a social enterprise, Surmountable will donate 1% of revenue from paid memberships to fight climate change through our payment partner.

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