Issue 7 • Week of February 27, 2022

The decision for how to educate your child will have a profound impact on their life, your pocketbook, and our society at large. It is often a major factor in where people live. Parents will hear no shortage of opinions, solicited and unsolicited. Should you consider a public school even if you can afford to send your kids to a private institution?

A landmark study of 700,000 students highlighted that family support was more important than the "social composition" of a school in determining academic success, due in part to encouragement at home such as time spent in a museum, being surrounded by books, etc.

Both private and public school advocates should share the concern that America ranks last in technology proficiency compared to other developed countries. Parents who (can afford to) choose homeschooling have an increasing number of resources and platforms at their disposal, but that remains a small fraction of the population.

What can our education system do to reverse this trend to prepare future adults as well as improve upon performance elsewhere?

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