Extend fashion diversity through equal representation in retail / iStock

Promote fashion diversity in retail to extend industry representation

Culture Feb 15, 2022

Issue 5 • Week of February 13, 2022

Ask someone to fill in the blank for the statement, "Fashion is a celebration of _____," and you will get a variety of uplifting answers. Even those who do not prioritize their own wardrobes cannot deny the transformative power when Tan France finds a new look for his humble clients. Yet for decades, designers have promoted models who present not just a nearly unattainable form for most but also differing backgrounds from a substantial percentage of their consumers.

Now, there is a growing movement of people who are no longer taking it for granted when they can or cannot see someone they relate to in advertising as the importance of being seen and heard is finally becoming more widely understood. Billions of dollars are ready to be spent on the brands willing to lead on Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, religion, ability, age, body, and gender inclusivity.


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